Carers often feel increasingly stressed as dementia symptoms increase. Finding ways to care for yourself can help you keep on caring.

Carers often feel increasingly stressed as dementia symptoms increase. They can feel socially isolated and unable to leave the house, even for shopping and appointments. Some carers find they make more use of the phone or internet/social networking sites to keep in touch with friends. They may start to use respite services both to have a break for themselves and to ensure the safety at home of the person they care for.

It can be very difficult to keep on caring when family or friends do not fully understand the stress you are under. Or if they don’t acknowledge or accept the declining abilities or health of the person you care for.

When you support someone with dementia your needs often get lost, but in order to keep on caring, you also need to find ways to manage your stress and care for yourself.


Some things to consider . . .

  • Do I have someone I trust to talk to about my experiences?
  • Have I got regular time for relaxation?
  • Am I getting enough exercise?
  • Am I eating healthily?
  • Do I get enough sleep?
  • Do I get breaks from my caring role?


Build a support network

  • Contact a friend
  • Talk to a counsellor
  • Register with a carer support organisation

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Have a break