Sometimes it is important to have a break from your caring role. Respite care can give you the opportunity for a break.

Sometimes it is important to have a break from your caring role.

Having a break from what you usually do to support your partner, parent, or other relative and friend is called respite.

Respite means different things to different people. Your needs could be to go an appointment or other social event during the day, at night or on the weekend.

Respite services are planned with you and the person you support so that both of your needs are considered. It may mean ensuring the person you care for is safe at home while you are out or engaging them with social support at home or going out into the community with a care worker.

Using a domestic service can also be a way to give yourself a break. It can also help to introduce the person you care for to the idea of having a paid worker come to the home to help you out.

  • Respite is available in emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your local carer respite centre. To access respite, FREECALL your nearest Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (available 24 hours) on 1800 052 222.
  • Occasional respite care and home support services may also be available from Carer Support for carers who live in the east and south metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide.
  • A wide range of ongoing services are available through packages of care, and by private purchase. To access services contact¬†My Aged Care or call 1800 200 422.
  • Residential respite for periods of 2 or more weeks can be arranged in aged care facilities. People over the age of 65 years are eligible for up to 63 days a year. Contact Catalyst Foundation for information about vacancy listings in SA.

Learn more about respite care at Carer Gateway.


Visit the My Aged Care website for information about the range of services that may be available to support you and the person you care for. To access ongoing in-home support services for the person you care for or in your own right, depending on your needs, you must register with My Aged Care.

Services are offered as consumer-directed packages of care where you are involved in the choice of service and service provider.

In-home support services are provided by many agencies in the community and can be for a couple of hours up to about 10 hours a week. This could cover personal care, domestic or social support. Speak with the agencies to discuss what they can provide to you.

NOTE: You still have the option to privately engage and pay for service providers to give you the services you want (eg gardening, cleaning, personal care, etc).